We are delighted to have several ministries geared toward different stages of life. Because each of us are on different levels in our understanding mentally and spiritually, we have a program that is designed to allow you to be in a climate that is fitting for the stage of life that you or your children are currently in. On Sunday, there are classes for birth to age three, preschool through third grade, fourth through sixth grade, and an active youth group for 7-12th graders. Our church is also proud to be the home of the Forest Hill Adult Bible Study which is great for adults of any age. We also have available one-on-one counseling and personal discipleship to address more individual needs. If you would like to be involved in any of these programs, we would count it a great honor and privilege to have you be a part. And please let us know if there are any other ways in which we can serve you.

  • Children

    Our desire is to bring children to the Lord Jesus Christ and see their tender hearts molded and shaped by the Master Potter. To that end, we provide Sunday School classes for all ages and a children’s church for ages 4-8.
    Both are available to all who would take advantage of these training hours during the times of our regular services. Your child or children would find a warm welcome from loving teachers who care about the spiritual welfare of your precious little ones.
    We welcome the opportunity to team up with you in training your children to live for the glory of the Lord.
    Jesus said, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”
    Matthew 19:14

  • Teens

    The Watchmen Youth Group, led by Aaron and Heather Day, is an exciting place for young people in 7th through 12th grade. We have our very own Sunday school class where we learn Biblical truths and principles and how to apply them in real life.

    During the month, we have activities where we’ll meet at the church for some games or go nearby for some fun. We go bowling, biking, ice-skating, and monthly activities.  We have summer camp excursions to New Hampshire or North Carolina. There’s bound to be something you’re going to love about our group, and we would love to have you come for a visit.

  • College and Career

    Our singles class meets during the Sunday School hour and occasionally at TBD times to study the Scriptures together.  Young adults are at that stage of life where some of the most important decisions of one’s entire life are made:  college choices, career decisions, job opportunities, and yes, marriage, are all considerations.  Our heart’s desire is to present Bible truth and its application for God’s direction in these decision-making times.  We enjoy after-church fellowships, activities, conferences, and retreats all geared toward this age-group.  Check us out!

  • Adults

    Our adult ministry is, with the Lord’s help, set up to pursue the evangelization of the lost and the edification of the saint.
    In addition to the Bible study times, we have ongoing fellowships and opportunities for serving the Lord through the Forest Ridge Baptist Church.  Our senior saints enjoy dinners and outings together.  Our married couples get together over Valentine activities, dinner, and retreats.  Our men have monthly prayer breakfasts and annual prayer advances.  Our ladies attend conferences and enjoy the bi-annual ladies’ night out activities.  There is something for everyone! Our desire is to cooperate with the Lord in the work that He is seeking to do amongst the adults by building strong individuals and strong families for Jesus Christ.

  • Missions

    Someone has said that the “mission of the church is missions.” It is our heart’s desire to implement this principle here at the Forest Ridge Baptist Church. Currently, our church supports forty-four church planting missions projects around the world.
    It can truthfully be said that the sun never goes down on the work of the Forest Ridge Baptist Church. We seek to keep the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20 before us as we regularly read missionary letters and invite missionaries to our services.
    We conduct a yearly missions conference and encourage each person to make missions a high priority. There is nothing more exciting than to be engaged in the great work of God which is world evangelization.
    Visit the Forest Ridge Baptist Church and learn more about the Christian’s responsibility, privilege and joy in being engaged in missionary work through prayer, giving and going.